Typical Dork. Love playing with the newest latest technology. President VMUG Board of Directors, 10 time vExpert.

Skills inventory

At the beginning of the year I took a hard look at myself and started making a list of things I wanted to learn in 2018 to make myself more marketable.  I came up with the following list in no particular order.

Public Cloud - I was able to attend both Google Next and AWS: ReInvent and I realized that just about everyone will have at least some part of their business in the public cloud and a good technician will need to be able to describe the services available and when it makes sense to use them.  

Automation - If you do it more than once, learn to automate it.  I'm currently trying to learn Ansible and anything from Hashicorp 

Python - With all the automation I realized I needed to get at least a working knowledge of programming.  The majority of developers I've spoken with have recommended Python to start.

Career Development - This is kind of a catch all for any of the intangible things you can do to get a leg up on the competition (i.e. blogging, public speaking, etc)

Kubernetes - At the start of the year I would have just said Docker, but now it seems like Kubernetes is the default tool for orchestrating container deployments 

The up and comers - These are things on my radar to learn when I can.  IoT, AI, Alexa, BlockChain, Big Data, etc.  There is so much coming that will change how we do business , and I'm just doing my best to try and stay ahead of the curve.


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